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FlexTech Crossover Stand Bag

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SKU V9700301
Accessoires/Sacs de golf/FlexTech Crossover Stand Bag
CMS Flex Tech Crossover Lead

Carry Comfortably. Play Exceptionally.

The new FlexTech Crossover Stand Bag puts an emphasis on comfort and convenience, so you can focus on your game. It features a 14-way top for easy storage and our proprietary FlexTech stand system for seamless functionality that allows you to set the bag down and set up for your shot without distraction.

CMS Flex Tech Crossover Strap

Self-Adjusting Strap

Pick up and go with our new self-adjusting bag straps, designed for both comfort and stability so you can enjoy the walk like never before.

CMS Flex Tech Crossover Pocket

Water-Resistant Stretch Pocket

The water-resistant stretch pocket is strategically positioned on upper end of the bag for convenient storage and access to valuable items. The weather-resistant design is built to protect items such as your phone, keys or wallet.

CMS Flex Tech Crossover Passthrough

Cart Strap Passthrough

Safely secure your clubs to the cart the next time you cruise for 18. The cart strap passthrough will hold your bag in place and prevent it from sliding while also helping to minimize club rattling.

CMS Flex Tech Crossover Cooler

Easy Chill Cooler Pocket

The enhanced cooler pocket provides insulated storage for food or drinks during your round, helping you stay nourished so that you can perform your best.


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1.0 5 CA
Disappointed with Color Fade, Handle, and Warrant

I bought the 2020 version and 18 months later the black color has already faded to a purplish brown, and main handle has twisted and come loose, making it uncomfortable to lift. I reached out for a replacement and was told that bags only have a 1-year warranty. They offered me 20% off a new product, but that doesn't seem right. Are we supposed get a new bag every 12 months? All my other bags lasted years. So I'm disappointed with both the bag quality and the customer service. Too bad---I guess no more TM bags for me.

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4.0 5 Elk Grove, CA
Good but not exactly perfect

I was waiting for so long for this to be in stock. I checked almost daily. I purchased right away when it said "In Stock". I got it today. Fast shipping. Bag looks great but I'm disappointed as it's not as pictured. The pull on the zipper is not the same. I got the one that's circular. I didn't get it at the local pro shop because I thought this one from Taylormade will be different. Great bag, but I wish you pictured and marketed the exact item though. Please replace the item picture.

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5.0 5 Ann Arbor, Michigan
The best “Stand Bag” I’ve owned.

The bag is the best Stand Bag you will find. Superior material is what separates this bag from my previous Callaway, Nike and Titleist bags. ItÂ’s Great Looking with every amenity you could possibly need in this type of bag. The extras this bag is equipped with, make it a very innovative design. The bag is the sturdiest bag in its category by far. Many of my Friends that use cart bags, are constantly picking their bags up off the ground. IÂ’ve never once had to pick this bag up off the ground from it falling over without using the legs. You will be impressed how straight up it stands when used without its legs. But once the legs are deployed, you actually have to purposely put force into knocking it over. Long story short, for a 5.5 pound bag it has no equals to its sturdiness and innovative design. IÂ’ve read some ridiculous negative comments about the bag due to the Rain Cover, so let me address them now. Quite simply, donÂ’t golf in the rain and let me add, that is a rain problem NOT the bags problem. You shouldnÂ’t golf in the rain anyway, or rain strong enough that rain cover canÂ’t do itÂ’s job. Sure you get caught in the rain but unless you live in an area with extreme acid rain(which I doubt), water does not hurt Golf Clubs. Besides, the rain cover is not that bad and not remotely as bad as some have made it out to be. If you complain about the rain cover, then I must wonder why you would even golf if there was one cloud in the sky. As for me, I personally cannot give this bag a negative comment about anything. At its base, itÂ’s a Bag. A Bag is supposed to carry items from point A to point B. This bag allows you to do that effortlessly and effectively. Any other bag would be a waste of money to me.

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2.0 5 Portland Oregon
Great bag, terrible legs

Love this bag, ive owned 3 but 2/3's legs have just been terrible. Legs never fully re tract so they just dangle half way when youre walking. Super annoying. Constantly tripping and it gets caught on everything, went to my local golf shop and 1/3rd of them on the floor are doing the same thing.

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