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P7TW Irons

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2019 P7 TW Irons Milled Grind Sole


Milled Grind eliminates variances in sole geometry from head to head and ensures precision in every iron set, while the CNC machined sole geometry and a precise leading edge promote consistent turf interaction.

2019 P7 TW Irons Feel


Each iron has been meticulously shaped to meet Tiger's discerning eye—longer blade length, thinner topline, progressive face height, and more.

When you look down at these irons, you are looking at the result of every range session, event, victory, and major championship from my 22+ years of professional golf.
— Tiger Woods, on crafting the P•7TW Irons

  P7 TW P7 MB P7 MC P770 P790 21
CLUB 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW
STOCK LOFT 21° 24° 27° 31° 35° 39° 43° 47°
LIE 59.5° 60° 60.5° 61° 61.5° 62.5° 63° 63.5°
OFFSET 2.3mm 1.9mm 1.9mm 1.8mm 1.4mm 1.2mm 1.3mm 0.7mm
STOCK LENGTH 39.00 po 38.50 po 38.00 po 37.50 po 37.00 po 36.50 po 36.00 po 35.75 po

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4.8 OUT Of 5 AVERAGE RATING  ∣  21% would recommend.
5.0 5 British Columbia
Best Clubs ever owned/ professional golfer.

Best clubs I’ve ever hit. End of discussion. Nothing more needed to say. You only know when you play them how unreal these things actually are..

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5.0 5

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1.0 5

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5.0 5 Fort Lauderdale, Fl
True butter

Great feedback and response, I brought these when Tiger won the Masters, I was going to just have this as collectors, but they are too pretty to sit. They feel great and knowing the GOAT put in touch on this is special. The lofts are true so all know the lofts and distance

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1.0 5

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5.0 5 Pittsburgh PA
Good clubs slow service

I have no clue how good these irons are I ordered them in April says I wonÂ’t get them for 2 more months. (July) but the first set of (P7TW) irons I bought and use are the best

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5.0 5 Lake Geneva Wisconsin

Best blades I have ever played. The control and feel of these irons are like no other. The Dynamic Golf Tour issue X-100s are def the best shafts I have played as well. You have to be strong and focused to hit these irons well. They launch very high. I wouldnÂ’t suggest these irons for most people however. They are easy to hit if you have experience with blades and really stiff shafts. It has a soft but firm feel when hit in the center of the club face. Probably from the added Tungsten in the sweet spot. Still soft but firmer than most blades I have hit. The workability is very high too. I have sacrificed distance for precision and accuracy. However, my 7 iron still goes 185. My apex forged goes 200. But my apex forged doesnÂ’t give me really any feedback if I miss hit. And I catch way more flyers. Not accurate and canÂ’t work the ball that well. I have shaved 3-4 strokes off and hit 4 or 5 more greens in regulation with these irons.

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5.0 5 San Diego, CA

TM has NEVER made a top-line set of irons--EVER. These are best in class for so many reasons. As players, we always think back to irons of former years and a time when we hit it close to perfect most of the time--the sound, the feel, the ease, the result. For me t'was Mizuno MP9 and MP29--Founders too and Hogan and Wilson before that. I had my Mizunos re-chromed to perfection (all specs) just before I decided to get these. I figured I could always just keep these for collection if they were all hype--I have been SOOOO disappointed by TM's wedge feel. I read all of the new design/mfg ideas for these with great skepticism. Very first shot--no range time/warm-up/get acquainted period due to covid--6 iron off a very tight lie into a 35mph wind. At impact, I was rewarded with the feel I was so concerned about--soft, dynamic and pure--WOW! 12 feet. Unreal! I hit long irons (3,4) from incredibly tight lies...it was a pleasure! The only iron I struggled with was the distance on knock down PW. I think it was maladjusted --fixed when I got home and now is great (was too strong). Swing weights were all perfect. I later A/B'd with both mizuno sets and believe it or not, these felt better! Something to do with the small tungsten weight. Unlike the description, they do not have a hard click--at all! These are nothing like the rest of TM's "forged" irons. They used the wrong grade of steel and/or fused necks. ALL, especially the wedges, are so bad I could puke on the spot! But these are absolutely perfect. ABSOLUTELY. No pro-level irons, past or present are quite like these--from any brand (first hand experience). And now the most terrific aspect--turf interaction (digging). In SoCal, since the water conditions over the past decade, our courses are pathetic. Hardpan tight lies everywhere! Even courses that charge crazy green fees are hacker-type with weeds everywhere. Tight lies used to be a purest's best friend as half the field was eliminated (pickers and flippers). Well, now --here--it has been crap. These irons require sharp fundamentals, but man do they feel good on the s$#t lies we get out here now. Tiger and the boys perfected the leading edge roll--bounce...and they spec'd it for milling!!!!!! Will live forever now--perfect turf interaction. One pass on the turf (half swing/no ball) and you will know what I am talking about. Kudos to you TM, these are the best EVER! The only indifference is the groove spacing--but I am getting used to it!

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5.0 5 Melbourne, Australia
The “BEST IRONS” I have ever owned and played.

I bought this limited set in the beautifully presented box in 2019 when first released. I had them on display in the man cave. Decided to break plastic and itÂ’s the best decision ever. The Tiger specs were perfectly suited to my game. I love the feel along with the crisp crack sound, at impact. The way the club interacts with the turf, and whatÂ’s impressive is the amount of spin and workability, ItÂ’s a quality product. I love the P7TW so much that I purchased a second back up set. Great product Taylormade. My handicap has gone from 6.7 to 1.4 since the sticks moved in to my bag.

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5.0 5 Union, KY
The best!

I wanted to get away from a forgiving soles club and back to blade type irons for years. As my swing progressed and became more accurate, it was time to make the switch. I hit Mizuno, Titleist, Cobra and TaylorMade irons and the feel and sound was superior with the P7TW. I hit the ball further with a better flight pattern and with more accuracy at the test fitting. These clubs are absolutely gorgeous and the presentation is 2nd to none! You wonÂ’t be disappointed with these clubs!

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