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TaylorMade's collection of players irons runs the gamut from pure blade to compact powerhouse. The common threads are elegance and minimalism, with each design crafted to be a ball striker's dream.

Let's start with the purest of them all, P·7MB. You've often heard muscle backs described as butterknives. If that's the case, this is the fine silverware grandma only brings out for holiday dinners. Masterfully forged using a 2,000-ton press to ensure a uniform grain structure and the purest possible feel, these irons are intended for the most skilled of players. A thin topline and slim sole create a minimalist profile for the ultimate in shot-shaping and control.

Light dances off the faceted muscle back geometry. These beauties stand out in any bag and let the world know that this player golfs.

Tour-inspired design cues were lifted from prototype designs used by DJ and Rory. However, in recent years, we've seen more and more pros shift to the P·7MC. Classic shaping and minimal offset deliver control and precision, while perimeter weighting offers the right touch of forgiveness.

TM20 IRN TA162 P7 MB 05660 OSN v1
TM20 IRN TA156 P7 MC OSN 02592 v1 copy

The refined muscle cavity shape was derived from the previous generation of P·750 irons – which has a cultish following on Tour. In creating the new backbar geometry designed to elevate feel, engineers moved mass up behind the face to support the point of impact. A forged pattern within the cavity back pays homage to a long history of TaylorMade iron designs, including the RAC TP blades as well the original P·750 and P·770 models.

The new P·770s are a completely different beast. They take the shape of a compact players iron, but on the inside, there's a forged hollow-body with SpeedFoam for extra pop. Often described as the P·Series unicorn, 770s blend the high-powered distance and forgives of P·790s with the control and playability of a muscle cavity or blade. This is ideal for the player who has all the game but perhaps lacks a little in distance.

TM21 IRN TA214 P790 COMBOSETS LFS BMW 07797 v1

In addition, it's become commonplace for Tour pros to swap out 3-irons with these hollow-body constructions. This strategy can also pay off for better players at the amateur level – replacing both 3- and 4-irons can even be a good idea.

The one callout: You need to have proper gapping. For example, when you jump from a P·7MC to a P·770, there's a significant drop-off in spin (the P·770 will have noticeably less spin). There's the chance for a low-spinning, low-trajectory ball flight that goes for miles. While that's great in some instances, it can create significant distance gaps between neighboring irons.

Click here for a full breakdown on properly comboing P·Series irons.

  • P·7MB is a pure blade made with the finest of craftsmanship. Pass the butter. 🧈
  • P·7MC offers precision and control, perimeter weighted for the right of forgiveness.
  • Both P·7MB and P·7MC are crafted using the advanced Compact Grain Forging process to deliver intricate craftsmanship and elite feel.
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