Time for a history lesson. In the blistery winter of 1773, more than 300 chests of British teas were dumped into the Boston Harbor in protest of increased taxation. This event, known as the Boston Tea Party, helped inspire the push for American independence and also serves as the main design inspiration for our 2022 Summer Commemorative Collection.

As America's major returns to Boston for the first time since 1988, we celebrate the city's rich ties to American history. There's a story behind every detail...

TM22 ACC TD650 TM22 Summr Commemrtve Staff Bag OSN v1 0113
Tea-Stained Finish

The unique finish on the Summer Commemorative Staff bag reflects tea-stained waters of the Boston Harbor.

TM22 ACC TD650 TM22 Summr Commemrtve Staff Bag OSN v1 0267
Revere's Ride

Scripted onto the upper of the bag is the date “April 18, 1775,” signaling the night Paul Revere left Boston on horseback to warn that the “Redcoats are coming!” One if by land, two if by sea. Both lanterns he carried to signal his fellow Americans are illustrated on the valuables pouch.

TM22 ACC TD650 TM22 Summr Commemrtve Staff Bag OSN v1 0264
The Pats

Following the historical timeline, the ball pouch was inspired by the uniforms worn by American patriots during the ensuing Revolutionary War. The rivets are made from brushed bronze and have subtly placed TaylorMade logos.

TM22 ACC TD650 TM22 Summr Commemrtve Staff Bag OSN v1 0258
A Nod to the Venue

Venue-inspired features include the “246” in the upper pocket as a nod to the 1913 champion, Francis Ouimet, who lived on the 17th hole at 246 Clyde Street. The house still stands to this day, with the championship returning to the historic country club for the fourth time.

TM22 ACC TD650 TM22 Summr Commemrtve Staff Bag OSN v1 0163
A Base of Red Brick

A hard-wearing medallion and bricks around the base pay homage to the Freedom Trail, marked by 16 historical locations throughout Boston.

TM22 ACC TD650 TM22 Summr Commemrtve Staff Bag OSN v1 0280
Brewed in Boston

A frosty beer glass is appropriately placed on the valuables pouch. It serves as a nod to the region’s long-lived brewing culture.

TM22 ACC M22 Summr Commemrtve All Covers Family2022 OSN v1 4969
Headcover Collection

The driver headcover bears the same patriotic look as the ball pouch, while the fairway covers were inspired by the historical garb of John Hancock (3-wood) and Paul Revere (5-wood). The hybrid and putter covers reflect classic Americana stylings.

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