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No matter how old we are when we first start playing or how we are introduced to the game, golf is challenging. It's part of what makes the game fun and intriguing. That's why we made Stealth HD irons, to reduce the challenge and help you get to the fun parts faster.

We started with a specific vision for the players who'd best benefit from an ultra-forgiving design. We looked at two key categories: 1) Entry-level players and 2) Players who define success as getting the ball airborne with max distance at slower swing speeds.

With that said, let's dive into the top 5 reasons to try Stealth HD irons.

TM23 IRN TC502 Stealth 2 HD LFS OSN 0850 v1
1. Early Success

For a seemingly simple game that boils down to hitting a stationary ball with a stick, frustration is a factor in golf. Why is making the golf ball do what you want so hard? Especially when starting out! Stealth HD irons can help alleviate some of those frustrations, as they are specifically designed using unique compact shaping and ultra-low CG to help new/budding golfers get the ball airborne. It's all about easy launch, so you can start having more success and less frustration.

TM23 IRN TC502 Stealth 2 HD LFS OSN 4924 v1
2. Slice Killer

Battling the slice is a relatable experience for most golfers, especially when we're just starting out. That's why we've injected inherent draw bias into Stealth HD irons, so you'll hit straighter shots (maybe even a few draws) more often.

TM23 IRN TC502 Stealth 2 HD LFS OSN 4943 v1
3. Getting In the Game

Competition is one of the best parts of golf, regardless of your level of play. Get in on the action sooner with Stealth HD irons. Whether it's a best ball with your buddies, a $5 Nassau (google it if you're new to the game and need to know the rules of this simple, affordable and fun way to take cash from your friends) or a charity scramble, Stealth HD irons give you the early success and confidence to get in the game.

TM23 IRN TC502 Stealth 2 HD LFS OSN 4907 v1
4. Better Distance Gapping

One common issue for new or burgeoning golfers is distance gapping. What's that mean? To put it plainly, clubs go the same distance. So regardless of whether you hit an 8-iron or a 5-iron, you're producing a similar result. It often results in players only hitting their "favorite club" and not hitting the "right club." Enter Stealth HD. Our progressive face heights and uniquely shaped club heads help ensure that each iron delivers the distance you demand.

TM23 IRN TC502 Stealth 2 HD LFS OSN 4672 v1
5. Hold the Greens

One of the biggest keys to success in golf is hitting (and holding) more greens. If you're a player that struggles to get the ball airborne, you've likely watched your ball hit the green only to bounce off the opposite more times than you care to admit. Because Stealth HD irons are designed to help you hit the ball higher in the air, the resulting impact is a ball that lands on the green from a steeper angle. Make it more likely to stay on the putting surface rather than bound into a bunker or rough. Nobody wants that. So, try Stealth HD instead.

TM23 IRN TC502 V9836909 Stealth HD Iron FAM 01 v1
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